From grad ceremonies to the holidays to birthdays, it’s no secret that many major events in people’s lives have looked different this past year because of COVID-19. Even though many people are getting their vaccines and more businesses are opening up, there’s still a way to go before things completely go back to normal.

Even if throwing a big birthday bash isn’t your thing, it can still be tricky when you want to do something special to celebrate your birthday but are stuck at home. So, if your birthday is coming up, here are twelve fun, covid-friendly birthday celebration ideas you can try.  

1) Decorate your space

Just because there’s a pandemic doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate your birthday in style. Get some cheap but cute birthday supplies online or at a nearby dollar store and make your room or place feel extra special with balloons, streamers, and other birthday decorations.   

2) Game night

Celebrate your birthday by unleashing your competitive side with a virtual, covid-friendly game night. Whether you play an online game like Among Us or Cards Against Humanity or play a classic game over Zoom like charades or Pictionary using idea generators, the sky’s the limit with the games you can play. Instead of party favours, you can even send out virtual prizes like e-gift cards to the winners.    

3) Karaoke night

Who doesn’t love karaoke? If you love to sing your little heart out, another covid-friendly birthday idea is to plan a karaoke night for your birthday. Using a video conferencing app like Zoom plus a virtual karaoke website like Watch2Gether, you and your friends can sing along to tunes all night long.

4) Tea party

If you loved getting high tea in pre-covid times, enjoy your birthday with a fancy virtual tea party. Plan a virtual Zoom call, decorate your space with a cute tablecloth and flowers, get dressed up, and make (or buy) some tea, finger sandwiches, and sweets. Then, spend the afternoon catching up with friends and indulging in some tea and yummy treats. 

5) Movie night

If you’re looking for a more low-key covid birthday option, a movie night is definitely a way to go. Pop some popcorn, grab a drink, pick a feel-good movie and either watch solo or start a virtual Netflix Party with some friends. 

6) Themed-night

Add some fun and silliness to a birthday call with family, friends and/or a significant other and ask them to get dressed up to match a certain theme. From superheroes to pyjamas to characters from your favourite TV show, there are so many different themes you can try. If you want to take your covid birthday call to the next level, another idea would be to try to stay in character during the entire call.  

7) Try something new

If there’s something you’ve been wanting to do or trying to learn, finally doing it is another great way to spend your birthday during this pandemic. Whether it’s a new hobby, a new habit, or a new language, take some time on your special day to learn more about it. With all the classes and videos online, there are enough resources out there to help you get started.

8) Take-out time

Even if the restaurants in your area are still not open, a covid-friendly birthday alternative would be to bring the restaurant to you. From a good burger to a nice pasta dish, use a food delivery app and enjoy a special birthday meal right from the comfort of your home. But why stop there? Why not order some dessert too? Hey, it’s your birthday. You deserve it! 

9) Spa day

Even if spas and nail salons aren’t open, another way you can spend your birthday during covid is to pamper yourself with a spa day. Whether you have a bubble bath, paint your nails, give yourself a facial or all three, celebrate your birthday with some well-deserved rest and relaxation. 

10) Dance party

One of the easier covid-friendly birthday ideas on this list, all you need is some device that plays your favourite songs (your phone, laptop, stereo) and your sweet dance moves. Whether you’re solo or quarantining with somebody else, make a fun dance playlist and dance the night away.  

11) Get outside

As it gets warmer outside, a fun birthday idea would be to spend your special day outdoors. Whether you’re a big outdoorsy fan or not, there are so many things you can do outside like go for a hike, go camping, go fishing, have a picnic, have an outdoor movie night, or have a backyard bonfire.  

12) Treat yourself

Another idea to celebrate your birthday would be to treat yourself to something nice. Whether it’s something small like a cute pair of shoes or something bigger that you have had your eye on for a while, splurge and get yourself a present that makes you happy.  

Final thoughts

Just because covid-19 is still here, doesn’t mean you can’t make the best of it. With this list of covid-friendly birthday celebration ideas, you can find safe and creative ways to enjoy your special day. How are you going to celebrate your birthday? Share your ideas in the comments.