Looking to boost your study game? Downloading these must-have apps for college is a great place to start.

Chances are, you probably already have a bunch of apps on your phone like Instagram and Netflix. While these apps are great, there are also so many apps out there that can help you be more organized, manage deadlines, and get the most out of your college experience. Here are 15 of the best apps you need to download to help you all semester long. 

15 apps you need to download:

1) Forest

If you find yourself watching Tik Tok videos when you should be studying for that midterm, download Forest. Whenever you need to focus, you set a timer and once you hit start, a virtual tree will start to grow. If you don’t leave the app, your tree will grow. If you leave the app, your tree will die.

It’s cute, it keeps you productive, and it’s good for the environment as planting virtual trees actually lets you plant real-life trees too. 

2) Quizlet

If you hate writing out and then memorizing hundreds of flashcards, Quizlet’s got you covered. With the option to create flashcards or find flashcards made by other users, fun games and practice tests, you’re sure to ace your next exam. 

3) Dictionary.com

Sometimes when you’re going through an assigned reading with complicated words, words no longer have any meaning. Other times, you’re writing a paper and need a stronger word to bring up your point. With definitions, synonyms and a lot more, Dictionary.com has your back.  

4) Grammarly

Nothing is worse than getting a paper dinged marks for minor grammar mistakes. As it checks spelling errors, tightens up wordy and unclear sentences, and gives other writing suggestions, Grammarly can help you submit a paper you can feel proud to turn in.  

5) Google Drive

Have you ever written a paper and your computer crashed? Heh yeah no, me neither. From your lecture notes to your assignments and presentations, Google Drive is great as you can access all your files across all your devices. Plus, you can also share files and collaborate with classmates. 

6) Google Calendar

From your next concert to your next exam, keep track of all your important dates with Google Calendar. The app has lots of great features like events added from your Gmail automatically and the option to add a video conferencing link to calendar events. 

7) My Study Life

If you want to have your class schedule, your exam schedule, your deadline and your to-do list all in one place, check out My Study Life. Plus, you can get reminders when a class is starting soon or when an assignment deadline is coming up. 

8) Trello

When you feel like a million assignments to do but you can’t do them all at once, Trello is a great tool to help. Trello boards come with three lists – to-do, in progress and done – which can help you stay on track and see your progress throughout the semester. 

9) SimpleMind

If you’re a big fan of mind maps for your thoughts and ideas, another great app to have in college is SimpleMind. With lots of styles and features, you can organize your thoughts and brainstorm ideas for your next essay or project. 

10) Alarmy

If you struggle to get out of bed every morning, Alarmy is a game changer. With different missions like shaking your phone, solving math problems, and doing squats, the app makes it almost impossible to stay in bed.    

11) Evernote

From to-do lists to lecture notes to essay topic ideas, find everything in one place with Evernote. Plus, it syncs with all your devices, connects with Google calendar, and lets you add photos, sketches, audio, and more. 

12) Splitwise

Who owes who for the Uber? And for that pizza? And for the wifi bill this month? With Splitwise, you can easily share expenses with friends and roommates without any of the usual stress and awkwardness.

13) Mint

Manage how much you’re spending every month with Mint. You can check your current balance, make a budget, pay your bills, check your credit score, and get suggestions on where you can cut back costs. 

14) Parachute

Not that you should need it, but it’s always good to have a safety app on your phone just in case of an emergency. With Parachute, if you need help, with one touch you can contact your emergency contacts and send them live video straight from where you are so they can send you help. 

15) Your school’s app

Not every school has an app, but if yours does, download it. From a campus map to eatery hours to what’s going on at your school, downloading your college’s app can help you find your way around and keep you up to date on what’s going on on campus.

Final thoughts on the apps you need for college:

From assignments to exams to extracurricular activities, there is a lot to keep track of in school. But with these 15 apps for college, you will feel more organized, productive, and on top of everything.