With yards covered in decorations, boxes of candy on the shelves, and of course, pumpkin spice lattes back at Starbucks, it can all mean only but one thing. Halloween – a.k.a. Gay Christmas – is right around the corner. which means now is the time to at least start thinking about your Halloween costume. And what’s better than a pop culture-inspired costume? 

So if you’re looking for a fun costume but have know idea what to wear, we’ve got you covered. Here are 15 easy and timely queer Halloween costumes to try. 

1. Barbie, Weird Barbie, Ken or Allan

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With Barbie being the biggest blockbuster of the summer, this is sure to be a popular costume choice this Halloween. Whether you go as Ken in his beach outfit, stereotypical Barbie in her cowboy outfit or weird Barbie in her pink dress (bonus points if you can do the splits), now is the time to jump on the Barbie-core bandwagon.

2. M3gan

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If you’re looking for a creepier queer Halloween costume this year, you can’t go wrong with the terrifying, Tik Tok dancing doll, M3gan. You just need to layer a beige dress over a striped shirt, put on some white tights and Mary Jane flats. then for the finishing touch, accessorize with a blue handkerchief.

3. Taylor Swift Eras Tour


From her sold out shows to her new romance with Travis Kelce, Taylor Swift is all that anyone can talk about these days. If you’re feeling classic, go with her Fearless era with a sparkly dress and some cowboy boots. If you love that iconic “22” music video, get the “Not a lot going on at the moment” tee, heart shaped sunnies and a fedora. Or if you’re looking for something more recent, copy her Eras tour look with a sparkly blazer.

4. Any of the characters from Bottoms

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Bottoms has it all – gay panic, make outs, and lots and lots of punching. If you and your bestie want to recreate PJ and Josie’s bestie goals, get a rugby polo or some overalls. If you’re looking for a more classic halloween costume, dress as either Brittany or Isabelle in a cheerleader outfit. The final step? Add some bloody makeup to your face. 

5. Prince Henry or Alex from Red, White & Royal Blue

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Alright, was the movie adaptation very good? No, definitely not. Was the book much better? Of course. But, if you’re looking for a nice and easy cute couples costume (or hey just solo), look no further. Put on a suit and you’re Alex. Or put on a suit with a royal sash and lapel and you’re Henry. Boom! You’re done. 

6. Nick or Charlie from Heartstopper


Another cute queer Halloween costume idea? Nick or Charlie from the Heartstopper series. All you will need is a white collar shirt, a suit jacket (bonus points if it has a crest on it) and a striped tie. You can also order a replica of Nick’s rugby jersey. Or if you like the pair better in their everyday clothes (i.e. like on their Paris trip), you can always try Nick’s yellow sports shirt or Charlie’s flannel.

7. Wednesday Addams from Wednesday


This Halloween,  go as everyone’s favourite goth, Wednesday Addams. All you need is the black dress, the white collar shirt, the black tights, and the Mary Janes. Then opt for some dark makeup and braids and voilà! You’re all set. Plus, if you’re looking for a cute couples costume idea, why not go as everyone’s favourite sapphic ship, Wednesday and Enid?

8. Velma from Scooby-Doo

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This is a fun and easy queer Halloween costume to do. And now with Velma being officially confirmed as a lesbian, now is the perfect time to dress up as one of our favourite Scooby-Doo members. All you need is an orange turtleneck, a red skirt, orange socks, red shoes and big glasses. Plus, if you’re looking for a group costume with your friend group, you can’t go wrong with the Scooby gang.

9. Ursula from The Little Mermaid


With the new live-action The Little Mermaid coming out earlier this year, now is the time to bring back everyone’s favourite queer icon and sea witch, Ursula. All you need is a black strapless top, a purple tulle skirt and a seashell necklace. To finish it off, get some blue eyeshadow, purple body paint and a white wig.

10. Aziraphale or Crowley from Good Omens

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Put a gay spin on the classic angel and devil costumes this year by dressing up as the cutest angel-demon couple, Aziraphale or Crowley from Good Omens. For Aziraphale, all you need is a vest, tan suit, bow tie and a blonde wig. For Crowley, get a black suit, vintage sunglasses, a silver necktie and a red wig.

11. Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy


While Harley Quinn “Daddy’s Little Monster” costume is a little overdone, now with Harley and Ivy being absolute #couplegoals on the Harley Quinn animated series, you can now put your own queer twist on a Harley costume this year. For Harley Quinn, suit up in a red and black suit costume and of course the blue and pink pigtail wig. For Poison Ivy, get a sharp black blazer and ivy tights.

12. Lake from Elemental

Disney / Pixar

Did Disney disappoint us yet again this year by bragging about having 2SLGBTQIA+ inclusion only to give their queer characters 10 seconds of screen time? Yes, yes they did. Case in point: Lake in Elemental, Pixar’s first non-binary character voiced by non-binary actor Ava Kai Hauser, who barely has any lines. For this queer Halloween costume, all you will need is a fabulous blue outfit, blue hair and one dangly earring.

13. Death of Twitter

The New European

Twitter died a sad death this year when Elon Musk bought the platform, changed the name to X, removed its policy against misgendering and deadnaming trans people, and has slowly been heading towards a right-wing death spiral. There are so many fun ways you can show the death of Twitter including dressing up as a masked killer with the X logo, a zombie Twitter bird (wear a Twitter t-shirt and make holes and rips in it), or a ghost Twitter bird (stick the Twitter logo on a sheet).

14. Ellie, Riley, Bill or Frank in The Last of Us


The Last of Us, that came out earlier this year, was the queer adaptation we have been waiting for. As it’s set in a post-apocalyptic world, the characters don’t wear anything too fancy so you probably already the characters’ must-haves in your closet. If you want to go as Ellie, get a ringer t-shirt and a red jacket. If you would rather go as Riley, all you need is a headband, a cargo jacket and a backpack. Or if you want to dress up as Bill or Frank, get some flannel and jeans and you’re set.

15. Loki

Everyone’s favourite bisexual and gender fluid God of Mischief just returned for a second season of Loki to navigate the multiverse. Whether you dress as the OG Avengers-era Loki with the horns, Variant Loki with the windbreaker or President Loki with the green suit and “Loki for President” pin, the possibilities are endless this Halloween.