It’s June which means it’s time for all things Pride! Pride Month is a great time to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community and how far LGBTQ+ rights have come since the Stonewall Riots. There are so many ways you can celebrate Pride Month – checking out Pride events, consuming LGBTQ+ content or educating yourself on LGBTQ+ history. But of course, shopping for cute Pride gifts is an absolute must. While there’s nothing wrong with gifting rainbow flags, there are so many more awesome pride gift ideas worth checking out.

Most brands feature special Pride collections to support the LGBTQ+ community. While this is great, it’s important to note that this is only the first step. Brands must step up and support the LGBTQ+ community in other ways too. Sure, rainbow merch is great, but let’s make sure LGBTQ+ employees feel safe to be themselves at work too. Just saying.

Pride gifts are still great though. They are such a fun way to celebrate you and the amazing LGBTQ+ people in your life. Plus, there are so many great queer-owned businesses and smaller brands that help LGBTQ+ charities during Pride Month out there that you can support.

So whether you’re looking to treat your lesbian bestie, your aro-ace brother, your ally mom or hey, even your queer self, here are 33 super cute Pride gift ideas for everyone on your list.

Cute gift ideas to celebrate all things Pride

1. This supportive tee

Proud Sister T-Shirt

Whether you have a supportive sister or an understanding grandma, Gay Pride Apparel has a bunch of t-shirt options for all the allies in your family.

2. This cute beanie

Inclusive Pride Rainbow Beanie

You know I had to add a beanie to this list. I just had to. It’s practically a queer staple. This cute and comfy is a new reboot of the rainbow which includes trans and BIPOC communities. Love to see it.

3. This rainbow decor

Rainbow Shaped Neon Light

Brighten up your space with this cute neon rainbow light. Gives any room instant gay vibes.

4. These cool skates

Crystal Disco Derby Glittery Roller Skates

Looking to celebrate Pride and take up rollerskating? Look no further with these awesome rainbow roller skates.

5. These rainbow socks

YOLO – Knee High Tube Socks

Show off your fabulous queer self with these vintage rainbow tube socks. Perfect to wear for Pride parades.

6. This sparkly glitter kit

Pride Liner Bundle

Who doesn’t love glitter? Whether it’s for your lids, your lips or all over, with these glitter liners, you can truly sparkle and shine.

7. These inspiring stickers

Pride 2022 Sticker Set

Celebrate Pride’s powerful and inspiring history with this set of stickers. Smack them anywhere – your laptop, your water bottle, your notebook, wherever you want.

8. This special tote bag

My First Pride Eco Tote Bag

Aww, baby’s first pride! Whether it’s your first pride or your friend’s, this is a fun, eco-friendly way to celebrate such a special milestone.

9. This cute sweatshirt

Kiss More Girls Sweatshirt

The perfect gift for that lesbian/bi/pan bestie in your life who just loooooves kissing girls.

10. This fidget toy

Bisexual pride fidget toy made of hand-dyed wool

If you have queer friends or family who have ADHD, autism or anxiety, this is a great gift to get them. With lots of flag colour options, these handmade fidget toys let you show your pride and keep your hands busy. Win-win.

11. These awesome candles


With LGBTQ+ identity-specific candles with the perfect scents to match, any of your queer pals would be lucky to get one of these fun candles as a gift.

12. This veryyy relatable tank

Gay and Tired Tank Top

What a mood.

13. This retro tee

Pride Vibes 2022 T-Shirt

Blast to the past with this simple 70s-inspired Pride t-shirt.

14. These cute pronoun earrings

THEY THEM Hoop Earrings

Express yourself or help your they/them pronoun friend express themselves in style with these cute handmade earrings.

15. This powerful tee

We’re All Human T-Shirt

With almost all of the LGBTQ+ flags represented on this shirt, this shirt has such a powerful message: no matter your letter in the community, we’re all human!

16. This wholesome doormat

Homo sweet homo doormat

Homo is where the heart is. This is such a sweet and wholesome way to show off your pride before people first walk into your home.

17. This geeky sticker

Gaymer Sticker

Got a lesbian bestie who loves Halo? Or a queer sis who loves Animal Crossing? Here’s the perfect gift for all the gay gamers in your life.

18. These cool sneaks

Chuck Taylor All Star Lift Platform Pride

Comfy shoes are a must for big events like Pride parades. So having a pair of comfy rainbow sneaks like these would be a game-changer.

19. This artsy phone case

Happy you exist

Let your LGBTQ+ friends and fam know you’re happy that they are who they are with this artsy phone case.

20. This refreshing bubble bar


Treat the queer folks in your life to a fun, rainbow-shaped bubble bar. Made with lemon and lemon myrtle oils, the citrus ingredients will have you feeling bright and refreshed.

21. This cute tumbler

Be gay drink iced coffee tumbler

If the LGBTQ+ community had an official drink, it would no doubt be iced coffee. So with this cute handmade tumbler, your queer friends can consume as much iced coffee as they’d like.

22. This comfy apron

Embroidered Apron

Have an LGBTQ+ foodie in your life? Help them out in the kitchen with this comfy apron! Bonus: they might make you some yummy food…score!

23. This subtle water bottle

Progress Pride Rainbow Heart Water Bottle

Sometimes your LGBTQ+ pals don’t want a flashy rainbow t-shirt. Enter: this subtle (but still very cute) heart water bottle. Whether your friend is agender, genderqueer or poly, there are plenty of bottles for every identity.

24. These sick sunnies

Gay Pride Sunglasses

Sun’s out, shades out. These snazzy rainbow-rimmed gay pride sunglasses are an absolute must-have for Pride parade season.

25. This adorable dog bowl

Woof Gradient Dog Bowl

If you or your friend is a dog parent, look no further than this super cute dog bowl. Comes in loads of LGBTQ+ flag colours for every identity on the spectrum.

26. This sleek bookshelf

Rainbow shelf

This handmade rainbow bookshelf would look amazing on any wall. Whether you place a little potted plant or a couple of books on it, it’s a cute, subtle way to show your pride at home.

27. This awesome UNO deck

UNO Play with Pride Card Game

You know what’s better than UNO? UNO: Pride Edition. A great way to have fun with friends or family before defeating them all.

28. This magnetic poetry set


What is it about magnetic poetry sets that everybody wants to play with it all the time? (Looking at you Deniz). Now your friends can play with their own with this fun set full of queer words from drag to leather.

29. This cute market bag

French Net Market Bags

Celebrate Pride with this rainbow market bag. Perfect for groceries, the beach or the farmer’s market. I’m low-key obsessed.

30. These flip-flops

LGBT Pride Progress Flip-Flops

Is it really summer without flip-flops? With a bunch of options for each LGBTQ+ flag, get your friends and fam a pair. Perfect not only for Pride season but for all season long.

31. These friendship bracelets

LGBTQ+ Pride Friendship Bracelets

Remember when friendship bracelets were a thing as a kid? Bring it back with these cute handmade bracelets. With colours for every flag in the LGBTQ+ community, show your friends how much you care.

32. This precious pin

The perfect gift for all those proud, loving parent figures out there.

33. This cute mug

Sounds Gay I’m In – LGBTQ+ Coffee Mug

Bring a little sunshine to your queer friend’s day with this cute mug. Because yes, if it sounds gay, of course we’re game.

Final thoughts on Pride gift ideas

Pride Month is all about taking the time to celebrate and appreciate this amazing community you and the people in your life are a part of. And what screams “appreciate” more than gifts? Well, a few things, but this is a great place to start. So with this list of fun Pride gift ideas, you can help the LGBTQ+ folks in your life feel a little more celebrated and appreciated.