It’s the last summer before you head off to college/university. How do you make the most of it? With a before summer college bucket list, of course!

Whether you’re looking for a wild summer or something more low-key, we’ve got you covered. 

Here are a few things you can add to your summer bucket list before heading off to school. 

65+ before summer college bucket list ideas:

1. Jam out at a concert or music festival

2. Try a crazy/weird ice cream flavour 

3. Go to a party

4. Go through your room and declutter

5. Do some volunteer work and give back to the community

6. Get a part-time job and earn some extra cash for school  

7. Kiss someone you like (you got this, just go for it!)

8. Take on a creative project (short film, novel, etc.)

9. Try out a new hobby (here are a few ideas to get you started)

10. Catch up on reading (trust me, you won’t want to read for fun once you’re in college)

11. Have a movie marathon with allll the snacks

12. Go to a street festival or farmer’s market

13. Tie-dye something 

14. Learn how to make a new recipe (because yes, ramen will get old really quickly)

15. Do all the touristy things in your city/town 

16. Check out all your favourite spots in your city/town

17. Register for classes

18. Pack for college/university

19. Reach out to your roommate 

20. Go to an amusement park (roller coasters, cotton candy, the works) 

21. Strap on your skates and have fun at a roller rink

22. Go to a Pride parade

23. Have a beach day or lake day (bonus points if you make an epic sand castle)

24. Beat your high score at an arcade 

25. Throw a themed party (masquerade, 80s night, etc.)

26. Go to a sports game 

27. Relax by the pool (yes, kiddie pools count) 

28. Have a water balloon fight 

29. Go on a hike

30. Go on a bike ride 

31. Go to the zoo or aquarium 

32. Go to an escape room 

33. Roast marshmallows at a bonfire 

34. Go to a convention (bonus points if you dress up) 

35. Stay up all night and watch a sunrise 

36. Get something matching with your friends (tattoos, bracelets, etc.)

37. Have a picnic in the park

38. Have a fun sleepover with lots of movies and snacks 

39. Get some blankets and popcorn watch a movie at a drive-in movie theatre 

40. Plan a road trip or mini vacay

41. Run a fun marathon (the colour run, the foam run, etc.)

42. Unleash your inner action movie hero and play paintball 

43. Make a cozy blanket fort 

44. Go on a slip and slide 

45. Stay up late and look at the stars

46. Attend a floating lantern festival

47. Sing your heart out at karaoke 

48. Make a time capsule  your future self will appreciate

49. Make an awesome summer playlist 

50. Get ice cream from an ice cream truck 

51. Go thrifting and get some fabulous finds

52. Draw with sidewalk chalk 

53. Eat snow cones 

54. Go night swimming 

55. Watch some fireworks 

56. Pick berries 

57. Grab food with friends (brunch, lunch, dinner, you name it)

58. Go axe throwing 

59. Play laser tag

60. Go to a water park and go on all the water slides 

61. Smell the roses and go to flower field

62. Go goof around at a playground

63. Make your own sweet treats (popsicles, ice cream, etc.)

64. Start a journal 

65. Find your personal style 

66. Do something new with your hair (cut it, shave it, dye it)

67. Do something completely crazy (skydiving, cliff jumping, etc.)

68. Write a letter to yourself 

69. Take LOTS of pictures and put them in a scrapbook 

70. Spend quality time with friends and family