Halloweekend (aka the weekend before Halloween) is finally here. *Cue my inner child jumping up and down.* There are so many things you can do, how should you spend it?

For some, dressing up in a sexy costume and heading to a party sounds like a blast. For others, a quiet night at home sounds more like their speed (hello fellow introverts). If the second option is more for you, there are still loads of ways to make this weekend both spooky and fun.

Here are a few easy and last-minute activities you can do to make the most of your Halloweekend. 

13 easy, at-home Halloweekend ideas

1. Decorate, decorate, decorate

If you haven’t already, decorate your home with Halloween decor. Whether you go to the dollar store or make your own, adding some decorations to your space is not only a fun way to spend your time this weekend, but it can create a spooky ambience and get you more in the Halloween spirit. 

Source: @alittlepaperdoll

2. Carve a pumpkin

You can’t go wrong with a tried-and-true spooky activity like pumpkin carving. Grab a pumpkin at the pumpkin patch or just at your nearby grocery store, get a pumpkin carving kit (they usually sell them at dollar stores) and get carving. You can do it solo or invite a friends over to make it a fun competition.  

3. Have a spooky dance party

Not going out? Who says you can’t still dance? Blast your favourite Halloween tunes (not me listening to Monster Mash on loop) and dance the night away. 

4. Do a costume photo shoot

Just because you’re not going out doesn’t mean you can’t dress up. Put on a costume, get some props and decor, get your phone or camera and play around with different poses. Whether you pose solo or bring some besties along, a photoshoot is a great way to have fun and feel more confident this Halloweekend. 

5. Make some Halloween-themed snacks and treats

Halloweekend means tasty snacks and desserts. Whether you make a ghost pizza, a spooky charcuterie board, or some Halloween-themed cupcakes, there are so many cute and delicious recipes out there that will take your Halloween game up a notch. 

Source: @tialeafdinnerware

6. Make some spooky cocktails

Play bartender for the night and come up with some Halloween cocktail creations. From witch’s brew to pumpkin sangria, mixing some cool Halloween drinks will be sure to lift your spirits. Whatever you make, cheers to Halloweekend! 

7. Try your hand at tarot card or palm reading

Discover what the future holds for you with a tarot card or palm reading. All you will need is a tarot card deck and a tarot and/or palmistry book. Or hey, if you want to take things to the next level, you could always reach out to a professional psychic and ask for a reading. 

8. Have a Halloween-themed spa night

Who says Halloween has to be scary? Instead, plan a relaxing night-in with a Halloween-themed spa night. Pamper yourself with some orange and black face masks, bath bombs, sugar scrubs, nail polish or whatever else makes you feel good.

9. Have a Halloween movie night

Grab the popcorn, curl up under a blanket and dive into a Halloween movie marathon. You can’t go wrong with an OG horror flick like Scream or Halloween. Or if you’re feeling more in the mood for something nostalgic, you can’t go wrong with one of your favourites from when you were a kid (mine’s Halloweentown). 

Source: @spooksandsnow

10. Play some games

Bring out your competitive side with a game night – Halloween edition. Invite some friends over and play some board games, either scary strategy games (my personal favourite is Horrified) or just regular games with a spooky twist (e.g. Halloween themed charades). Or, if you’d rather play solo, see if you can stomach a scary video game or two (Five Nights at Freddy’s anyone?). 

11. Read a scary story

If you’re not up to watching a scary movie, why not read a spine-chilling story instead? Whether you like murder mysteries, ghost stories or something in between, start a scary book that’s been on your reading list. Then grab a warm drink, a cozy blanket and settle in. 

12. Do some DIY Halloween crafts

Who says crafts are just for kids? If you’re a DIY fan, why not get the glue gun and popsicle sticks and unleash your crafty side? Whether you paint pumpkins or make witch mason jars, there are plenty of fun Halloween craft ideas you can try. 

Source: @zoeedelaneyy

13. True crime time

If you’re looking for some real-life scariness instead of some campy horror movie, look no further than true crime. Even though you can enjoy true crime at any time of the year, learning more about gruesome murders on a crime podcast or docuseries is sure to give you the chills.