When it comes to love, everyone expresses it differently. Some people love getting a nice gift. Others love it when they’re showered with compliments. While love languages are often related to giving and receiving love from partners, they can apply to how you show love to yourself too. In this blog post, learn about the best self-care ideas to try, according to your love language type.

What are the five types of love languages?

Before jumping into the self-care ideas, here’s a quick rundown of each love language.

Physical touch

This love language focuses on physical touch and intimacy. Depending on your sexual orientation, this can involve kissing, hugging, cuddling, holding hands, and/or sex. 

Words of appreciation

This love language is all about written and spoken appreciation. From your friend telling you that you look nice today to your boss saying you crushed that presentation at work, this type is all about compliments, praise, gratitude and encouragement. 


This love language is pretty self-explanatory. It’s all about the gifts. This doesn’t necessarily mean you need your gifts to be on the pricier side, it’s more about the sentimentality and thought behind the gift.

Acts of service

This love language is perfect for people who believe actions speak louder than words. Whether it’s doing the dishes or picking up the dry cleaning, this type is all about the little things that make your busy life easier. 

Quality time

Quality time as a love language centers around actively connecting with your partner (or in this case, yourself). This can look like having a meaningful conversation or a fun activity without any distractions. 

love language self-care ideas: person shopping at a record store

How to figure out your love language?

When it comes to love languages, the first step is finding out which love language sticks with you the most. Maybe you’re a huge fan of physical touch and just love cuddles and kisses. Or maybe you just love acts of service, like someone cooking you a meal or doing your laundry. So take the quiz and find out which love language speaks to you the most.

But wait…aren’t the love languages for relationships?

Yes, they definitely can be. But that doesn’t mean you can’t use your love language to show yourself some love too. There’s often this idea that showing yourself love and care is selfish. As if you should feel bad or guilty for it. That’s just not true.

No matter what you’re dealing with in your life–stress at school or work, family or relationship drama, a mental illness, impostor syndrome–treating yourself with love and compassion is not only not selfish, but absolutely necessary.

So here are some self-care ideas to try, according to your love language.

love language self-care ideas: person hugging their dog

Love language self-care ideas: 

Physical touch 

  • Get a manicure or pedicure 
  • Get a massage 
  • Have a bubble bath 
  • Get your body moving (work out, go on a walk, take a dance class, practice yoga)
  • Practice a skincare routine / do a facial 
  • Play with your pet (or play with your friend’s pet or volunteer at an animal shelter)
  • Put on some comfy clothes 
  • Using a heating pad
  • Crawl under a cozy blanket 
  • Have a little me time (*wink*)

Words of affirmation

  • Write yourself a love letter 
  • Write a letter to your past or future self 
  • Put sticky notes with positive messages all over (your mirror, your walls, etc.)
  • Journal your thoughts and feelings
  • Write a list of all your accomplishments 
  • Write a list of all the things you love about yourself 
  • Practice positive affirmations 
  • Download an inspirational quote app
  • Make a tracker of nice things people have said to you
  • Make a box full of nice notes and cards people have given you


  • Buy yourself a bouquet of flowers or a plant
  • Order take-out from a restaurant you like
  • Give a donation to a charity you care about 
  • Buy yourself a tasty treat (slice of cake, milkshake, etc.) 
  • Buy yourself something relaxing (salt lamp, diffuser, candle, etc.) 
  • Get a subscription or membership for something (gym pass, streaming service, etc.) 
  • Get that thing you’ve had your eye on (that cute top, those boots, etc.)
  • Add something new to your collection (vinyl record, comic book, etc.)
  • Invest in yourself by taking some classes in something that excites you (a new language, music lessons, etc.)
  • Book a vacation 

Acts of service

  • Get organized 
  • Check something off your to-do list 
  • Make a schedule for the week
  • Set monthly and yearly goals 
  • Do some house cleaning 
  • Declutter your space
  • Book that appointment you’ve been putting off
  • Do some meal prep 
  • Volunteer for a cause you care about 
  • Organize a charity fundraiser 

Quality time

  • Spend some time in nature 
  • Meditate 
  • Read a book 
  • Play an instrument 
  • Take yourself on a date 
  • Go to a local coffee shop
  • Go to a local museum or art gallery
  • Watch a movie or TV show you love 
  • Turn off your phone notifications for a bit 
  • Take up a new hobby or get back into an old one
love language self-care ideas: person sitting on bench looking at paintings at an art gallery

Final thoughts on love language self-care ideas

When it comes to self-care, sometimes it’s hard to know what works for you. With this list of 50+ love language self-care ideas, you can practice self-care in the ways that work best for you in order to treat yourself with the love you deserve.