Summer is here, which means lots and lots of socializing. From barbecues to block parties and everything in between, there are a lot more social events going on. And while yes, it can be fun, a big event with lots of small talk isn’t exactly up an introvert’s alley. So here’s your official guide on how to have a fun introvert-friendly summer.

Why summer and introverts don’t mix

Why is summer so much harder when you’re an introvert? Oh, there are so many reasons.

First, there’s so much more pressure to get out there and socialize, which isn’t exactly our forte. For many introverts, relaxing at home with a book, movie, video game or even a fun hobby hits the spot. And in the fall and winter, it’s almost socially acceptable to curl up by the fire and relax. But when summer rolls around? Whole different story.

Not only is there so much pressure, but summer activities just last so much longer. Whether it’s beach day or a trip to the lake, gatherings quickly become an all-day event. And by the time you get home, your social battery is often at 0%.

Plus, when the weather is nice, everywhere gets noisier and more people-y. The crowds, the heat, the smell of sunscreen and bug spray? Yeah, when you add all that up, it’s a lot.

So how do you deal? How do you make the most of your summer on your terms? Here are a few ideas to have a fun summer as an introvert.

introvert-friendly summer: person looking out at the ocean

How to have an introvert-friendly summer

Find less crowded spots

Let’s be honest—the crowds in the summer can make any introvert run for the hills. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be allowed to have fun. So find workarounds. Looking for a beach day? Trade the crowded beach for a quieter one. Want to go to an amusement park? Opt for a weekday when it’s probably less busy.

Bring the inside outside

All those self-care activities you do inside? Bring them outside! Love to read? Bring a blanket and a book and head to the beach (they’re called beach reads for a reason). Want to binge the new season of your favourite show? Download an episode or two and relax in the backyard or a nearby park. You still get to do what you love, just with more vitamin D.

Check out some low-key events

While sometimes louder, crazier summer activities like music festivals and amusement parks can be a blast, they can leave you feeling drained. That’s why it’s worth checking out smaller, low-key gatherings instead. Whether it’s a cute picnic in the park or a board game night, you can still have fun in the sun without totally depleting your energy.

Find some quiet time on your vacay

From full-on days packed with activities to sharing a small room with friends and/or family, vacations can be stressful for introverts. So find some ways to make it work for you. Can you spend a little extra to get your own room where you can recharge? If so, great! Otherwise, find other ways to get some alone time whether that’s going for a walk or staying behind while they go out for the afternoon.

Don’t stay for the whole thing

You heard that right, you don’t have to stay all day. Whether it’s a family cookout or a summer party, if you hit your socializing limit, it’s okay to head out. You might get a little bit of pushback from other people, but at the end of the day, you know what you need. If you’re fried, you’re fried and it’s okay to take off.

Plan some solo adventures

What would you like to do this summer? Is there a restaurant you’ve been meaning to go to? Take yourself out for lunch! Been meaning to get back into a hobby? Do it! From bike rides, to cute picnics and everything in between, practice some serious self-love and make this your summer.

Final thoughts on having an introvert-friendly summer

This time of year can be hard as an introvert, but with this guide you can have an amazing, introvert-friendly summer.