If you’re starting school and moving into a dorm this year, odds are you will get paired up with a roommate. From late-night study sessions to fun bonding activities, there are plenty of perks to having a roommate.

Having said that, having a roommate isn’t always easy. It takes a lot of work and communication. Honestly, it’s okay if you and your roommate don’t become fast friends. But you will be sharing the same space for the next few months, so it’s helpful to lay the groundwork early so that when fights come up, you two will have bonded enough to work through them.

Unless you’re moving in with your bestie, chances are you and your new roomie won’t know each other all too well yet. In fact, first meeting and moving in with your roommate can actually feel pretty scary. So here are a few cute bonding activities to do with your new roommate to make it easier.

Cute roommate bonding activities to try:

Make a roommate agreement

A roommate agreement may feel unnecessary at first, but if you don’t establish the ground rules right off the bat, you will see how not everybody shares the same views on things like cleaning, parties and guests. So getting on the same page about everything is a good place to start. 

Follow each other on social media

After meeting your new roomie, one of the first things to do is start following each other online. It’s an easy way to stay connected and to get to know each other better. 

Check out a campus event

The fun doesn’t stop after frosh week. Every school is different, but many campuses will have lots of cool stuff going on in September like fairs, festivals and concerts. So grab your roommate and go to an event together. 

Sign up for a club together

If you and your roommate have similar interests, why not join a club together? From a cappella to knitting to volunteering with seniors, getting involved in a club you both like is a great way to figure out what stuff they’re interested in and what you two have in common. Plus, having a buddy at that first club meeting makes it way less intimidating. 

Study buddies

Hit the books and head to the library together. While studying isn’t necessarily the most fun activity on this list, staying up late and working on course work is definitely a great bonding experience. Plus, having a study buddy can help you stay motivated and focused, something that will be super useful when midterms roll around. 

Go to a party

Even if parties aren’t really your thing, it’s worth checking out at least one with your new roommate. There’s something so fun about getting ready together and then going out and experiencing that first college party together.

Start a TV show

Whether you’re into sitcoms or soapy dramas, another fun way to bond with your roommate is by starting a new show together. Plus, it’s a great way to de-stress after a long day of classes. 

Play games

Unleash your competitive side and play some games together. If you’re a big gamer, bring out the video games. If not though, dorms often have cards and board games at the front desk you can play. 

Explore the campus/city

Starting out at a new school is your perfect opportunity to explore. So grab your roommate and check out all the cool spots on campus. If you’re feeling a little more adventurous and want to get out of the campus bubble, do some research on places to check out and plan a fun trip around the city.

Make a bucket list

Does your school have any fun traditions you want to participate in? Or are there any bucket list worthy college things you want to do this year? Make a bucket list of things you want to do together and work on slowly crossing them off throughout the year. 

Order pizza/junk food

Getting pizza with your new roommate is basically a right of passage in college. There’s just something so wholesome about staying up late, ordering a pizza and having a deep conversation. 

Try something new together

Find something neither of you has done before and do it. This can be anything from eating a new snack in the dining hall to watching a new movie together. I remember my roommate and I decided to try this 97% dark chocolate bar together for the first time in our dorm room. Granted, it was gross, but it was something we always laughed about. It may seem simple, but it’s actually a sweet bonding activity. 

Final thoughts on roommate bonding activities

Even though it can feel pretty scary moving in with a new roommate, with this list of bonding activities, you and your roommate can get to know each other better, build up your relationship, and make some memories.