With college application deadlines right around the corner, if you haven’t already, now’s a great time to figure out what programs you want to apply for. But choosing your major isn’t always easy. Science or arts? Business or engineering? Nursing or music? There are so many options out there and oh so limited time. 

So how do you decide? While not a perfect system, a good guide for picking a major is looking at your personality. Looking at what your personality type is good at and likes to do can help you decide between picking a STEM major or going the liberal arts route. 

Everyone fits into one of 16 Myers-Briggs personality types. If you’re not sure what your type is just yet, take this quiz first to find out. Now then, here’s what your major should be, according to your introverted Myers-Briggs type. 

ISTJ (the investigator) – business

ISTJs are responsible, organized, detail-oriented and big on following regulations and procedures. This type thrives in careers where they can use their organizational skills to create order and structure so majoring in business with a concentration in accounting or finance is a great way to go. 

ISTP (the virtuoso) – engineering

ISTPs like fast-paced work and are always asking the how and the why. This is why doing an engineering major is great for this type because an engineering career requires lots of critical thinking and analytical skills to come up with practical solutions. 

ISFJ (the defender) – nursing 

Above all else, ISFJs are motivated by their love for helping others. They are warm, kind and caring people who work hard and always get the job done. So majoring in nursing is a great fit for this personality type as it helps them combine their nurturing side with their strong work ethic. 

ISFP (the adventurer) – health science 

ISFPs love hands-on activities with tangible results as well as doing work for causes they believe in. So a major in health science where you can eventually go into jobs like physical therapy or speech-language pathology (careers that let you get your hands dirty while helping people) is perfect for this type. 

INTJ (the architect) – architecture

INTJs are logical and analytical problem-solvers with a knack for building new systems and improving old ones with their innovative ideas. A type who loves using analytical skills and applying logic to theories to find solutions, a major like architecture or urban planning is a great choice for them. 

INTP (the logician) – computer science

INTPs are forward thinkers who prefer theory and abstract ideas over the little details. They love solving complex problems in their own innovative ways. As this type likes to blaze their own trails without rules and red-tape, an innovative, cutting-edge major like computer science is awesome for them. 

INFP (the mediator) – fine art

INFPs are caring, creative and imaginative people who are focused on making the world a better place. So no matter their medium of choice – graphic design, painting, ceramics – a fine art major is right up the alley of this artsy type.

INFJ (the advocate) – psychology 

INFJs are dedicated, idealistic and insightful with deep feelings and strong convictions. As big thinkers who love both helping people and solving complex problems, a major like psychology is perfect for them as it combines their knowledge with their deep understanding of others.    

Final thoughts on picking the right major

When it comes to picking a major, some people know exactly what they want to do. Others are still figuring it out. Either way, it’s okay. You still have time, you can always change your mind later on. Besides, there are many paths to get where you want. With this guide though, you now have a better idea of what major is best suited for you and your personality.